April 2018

What an innovative way to use materials in a differentiated manner - Aura Tropicale is a series of scent diffusers made from an extruded ceramic material usually used for filtering exhaust fumes in cars, motorcycles and tanks. Designed by, 📸: @outofstockdesign

Did you know? Ambergris is essentially a waxy substance the sperm whale produces when it ingests sharp “foods” like seashells and large squids. When it is secreted, it turns into a sweet-smelling rock that washes up on shore slowly over

Mix and match to create your perfect scent at @oola.lab 📸: @nellielim #CraftedinOoLaLab#ChemistryofOo#OoLaLab #sensorium2018#supportlocal #singapore#mybeautifulsensorium #fragrance #bespoke#inspiration