Festival Highlights

17- 18 November 2018 | Produced by AllSense Co.

New Spaces

In this exclusive collaboration with indie pop sensation Bottlesmoker, Sensorium invites you to taste the crunchy sounds of tomorrow

01. Le Voyage 04:25
02. Boredom & Freedom 04:06
03. Dusk Eyes 04:19
04. Pixel Heart 04:56
05. Love Saturday 04:03
06. Divine Abode 03:27

Sensorial Beats from the Streets

Crunchy news and views

Festival Countdown

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Seat of Sensation.

About Festival Founder

Festival Founder, Terry Jacobson is no stranger to the sensory world.

Over 10 years back he founded the multi-sensory agency AllSense to cater to the growing need of customers to connect personally and emotionally with their environments.

With a reach that now covers 3 continents, AllSense fulfills emotional connections between people and spaces every day.

2 years ago, Terry founded the cult craft fragrance brand Oo La Lab.

Dipping into his passion for creativity and desire to share the wonderful world of fragrance, Oo La hosts immersive workshops and events.

New to the fold, 2018 sees the unveiling of nenä, a remedy focused provider of essential rituals and remedies. Discover this craft wellness apothecary for your own senses…

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